Rep. Tom Reed against a second impeachment of President Donald Trump, invoking 25th amendment

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WASHINGTON D.C. (WETM/AP) – New York Congressman Tom Reed says he is not in favor of the Vice President invoking the 25th amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office, not does he support Congress impeaching the President a second time after a mob of pro-Trump rioters stormed the United States Capitol during Wednesday’s electoral college vote count.

Congressman Reed’s comments came on Thursday afternoon prior to the President’s latest commitment to a peaceful transfer of power.

“We have 13 days until President Biden will be inaugurated as the next President of the United States,” said Reed. “To me, that’s the more appropriate approach to take and to engage.”

The Congressman also warned of the dangers of inciting supporters of the President by attempting to remove him from office.

“You still have to remember there’s millions of Americans out there that are filled with this anger that are filled with this fear, and I caution my colleagues that may be looking for that immediate potential headline.”

Members of Congress, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, have called the President unfit for office for inciting the riot on Wednesday and calling for something to be done, whether it’s impeachment or the Vice President and the cabinet invoking the 25th amendment.

The 25th amendment allows for the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet to declare a president unfit for office. The vice president then becomes acting president. The section of the amendment specifically addressing this procedure has never been invoked.

On Thursday, a day after a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol, the Senate’s top Democrat, Chuck Schumer of New York, called for Trump’s immediate removal. “What happened at the U.S. Capitol yesterday was an insurrection against the United States, incited by the president. This president should not hold office one day longer,” Schumer said.

Reed argues that Congress has done something and that those actions are not warranted.

“We completed the democratic process when it was under attack by mob rule. We are going to complete the transition of power. And come January 20, we will have a new President and it will be done and completed in a peaceful way.”

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