Ferguson says unrealistic expectations set by the president led to riot inside the Capitol

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The fallout continues from last week’s insurrection in Washington D.C. For the first time, we hear from Georgia Congressman Drew Ferguson. 

Ferguson was huddled inside the Capitol on Wednesday when the violent protest breached security and entered the hallowed halls. 

Ferguson represents one of the most conservative districts in Georgia. He was caught in the House chambers when the Capitol was overrun Wednesday. This is the first he’s spoke publicly about it. 

“Looking back on it, it was a scary time,” Ferguson told News 3. “I probably would have been more scared if I had seen the videos of what was going on outside the House chambers at the time.” 

He was huddled with a bi-partisan group of lawmakers and staff members.  

“In that moment, there are no Republicans. No Democrats. Just Americans trying to get through a tough moment,” he said.

Does the congressman if those who attacked Democracy were terrorists. 

“Yeah, I think the people who came into the Capitol building and led that charge, that were charging into the House of Representatives trying to cause harm,” he said. “How else do you describe that? It’s criminal. It’s wrong. It’s unamerican. And it’s unacceptable.” 

Last week’s joint Congressional session to certify the Electoral College results that had President Donald Trump losing to Democrat Joe Biden, Congressman Ferguson indicated he would side with the president. 

He changed his mind in the day before the vote and the insurrection and he voted to certify President-elect Biden’s victory. He joined Rep. Austin Scott (R), Ga. 8th, as the only Peach State Republicans to vote to affirm the electors.

Ferguson says that it should not have played out the way it did and he faults the president and members of congress for unrealistic expectations. 

“What happened on Jan. 6 is something that has been brewing for a number of weeks,” Ferguson said. “And I have challenged my colleagues in the House to be intellectually honest with the voters. And where I truly take exception to what went on is the fact that false expectations were set about what this process of challenging the electors and the crazy notion that Vice President Pence had some authority he clearly did not have.” 

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