Red Cross Disaster Relief


WHITESBORO, NY (WUTR)—-The Mohawk Valley Chapter of the Red Cross is hard at work, knocking on doors and providing clean up kits after Saturday’s flood.

“We have 17 homes in the area that have been destroyed,” said Mohawk Valley’s Red Cross Executive Director Mallory Scheve. “And 330 homes have been impacted in someway.”

The numbers are based solely on a visual assessment by the Red Cross.

“The water in of the cellar got up to within 2 inches of the celling of the cellar,” said Whitesboro resident Bob Jones. Jones, his wife, and their dog “Sadie” were forced to leave their home on Saturday. They have since returned, and are now forced to clean up the damage.

Jones said all of his belongings in the basement have been destroyed by the flood water, and his home has approximately $7,000 worth of damage. Despite the wreckage, Jones said he is thankful for all of the help from the community.

“The Red Cross has been wonderful,” said Jones. “It’s a great organization that needs a lot of support. They were here when we needed them.”

For one volunteer, this hits close to home.

“I’ve been with the Red Cross since 2005. I have deployed on some national disasters, but this one came looking for me,” said local volunteer Jim White. “It’s my friends, it’s my family. It’s good to be able to help.”

The Red Cross has been knocking on doors and providing clean up kits for area residents.

“There’s mops, push brooms, bucket mops, bleach…” explained White.

And although the flood happened 5 days ago, the Red Cross continues to monitor the weather.

“As there’s rain in the forecast, we are getting more calls for needs,” said Scheve. “People are concerned and we are making sure that we are meeting those needs.”

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