RCIL Offers Free Tax Preparation

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We’re nearing the end of tax season. Have you filed your taxes yet? If not, there’s still time, and the RCIL of Utica is offering a service to help make the process a little easier. IRS trained volunteers are helping community members with free tax preparation for households making $50,000 dollars or less per year.

“They come in here, they get there taxes done for free, if there is an issue they can come back and we can advise them on their next step for free. And it’s totally free, there are no catches, no strings and it’s a very needed service in this community,” says Danny McLain, RCIL Coalition Coordinator.

RCIL says it brought back $2.4 million dollars to the community last year. And they’ll be offering this free service until April 15th.

Call 3152721888 for an appointment.

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