Rail Car Removed


Nearly two weeks ago, a runaway rail car rammed an antique locomotive into Union Station.  And on Monday- after days spent evaluating and shoring up the building, the rail car and steam engine were finally removed.

For nearly two weeks crews have been working long hours preparing union station to remove the rail car and the antique locomotive from the side of the building.  But Monday was finally the big day.  Crews drille and hammered the last minute touches all in front of an audience that was waiting, waiting and waiting.  Until finally the rail car was removed.

“It’s fascinating the way they did it.  I mean they all worked together and they brought the big engine that pulled it apart.  It was something to see,” says Angelo Giacovelli, spectator.
Once the rail car was out of the way–it was possible to take a closer look at the damage on the locomotive.

“I was not surprised at the amount of damage.  These things are hard to predict but fortunately I think it will be repairable,” says John Weber, spectator.

Now that the locomotive has been removed as well, it’s time for those final assessments to figure out the next step.

“We’re going to have to do some work to it.  The engine’s not in bad condition considering what happened to it.  Once they get it out we’ll have it evaluated, come up with a plan, salvage it, get it back on display for the people of Utica,” says Chris Talluto, contractor.

Both the rail car and the locomotive have been removed.  The locomotive is insured so that will help with its repairs.

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