Race for Herkimer County District Attorney


Former Herkimer County District Attorney Mike Daley says research he’s collected over the past two months has brought up issues within the District Attorney’s office. And has decided to run against fellow republican and current D.A. Jeff Carpenter. And earlier today Daley brought up concerns he says were addressed to him earlier this year.

Daley adds, “The district attorney, according to police, insisted on any felony arrest that he be contacted prior to the arrest, and essentially can control what’s going on. So that if you have a defendant with multiple felonies, he’ll have them charged with one and then supposedly proceed to grand jury but in fact go directly into to county court and take a plea bargain on an extremely lenient sentence and then the others are not reported in the statistics.”

And in response to these allegations, Carpenter had this to say to his opponent.

“The statistics are based on the reports of crimes to the police. So, it’s prior to the phone call. So I would have to find out there’s a victim of the crime, get to them before they call the police, and ask them not to call the police in order to control those statistics. Obviously, he can’t even make the claim that I do that. That’s so preposterous.
My numbers come in better than his in all his years put together, and I think that’s significant. So, I think we’re making great strides to protect Herkimer County, and I want to continue to do so.


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