Pumpkin Shortage


CAMDEN, NY (WUTR)– It’s technically still summer, but the ripe pumpkin harvest indicates that fall is just around the corner.

“Fall in Central New York is the best. It’s always been my favorite season,” said Misty Portner, owner of Cackle-Berry Castle Pumpkin Farm.

Autumn is the busiest time of year for the farm, and it takes months of hard work and planning before the pumpkin patch is ready for business.

“We start preparing in April. We plant pumpkins and corn,” explained Portner. “and then for the grounds and the decorations, we start at the end of June.”

But this year’s pumpkin harvest is not as plentiful as years past.

“There is a pumpkin shortage this year due to the rainy spring. We think that the bees weren’t able to do as much pollinating as usual, so we probably lost about 40 percent, but we are managing okay,” stated Portner.

For Misty Portner and her father Alan Will, all of the hard work of cultivating pumpkins is worth preserving the family business that was established back in 1955.

“Everybody thinks it’s super that Misty has carried on the family tradition,” said Will.

It is a legacy that has stayed true to its original roots.

“[We] try to keep a lot of traditional things that people like to come back and see,” explained Will. “It’s not like a haunted house where you go and get scared. It is a safe environment and also to get some farm fresh produce.”

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