Proposed 143-space parking lot for Bassett Healthcare


COOPERSTOWN N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — Many can agree finding a parking space in Cooperstown can cause some headaches and finding parking especially for the Bassett hospital can be a struggle. Officials from Bassett have proposed a 143-space parking lot that would be used by Bassett employees.

Bassett Network Vice President for Corporate Services, Jonathan Flyte, says this parking lot will handle parking issues for the future. The proposed footprint sits at the intersection of Susquehanna Ave. and Walnut St.

There’s currently three parking lots on the campus. This proposed lot, the fourth lot, would be for employees. This additional lot will free up space in the current lots for more patients to park there.

There’s three homes in the proposed footprint, and they are all owned by Bassett. “There’s a plan to re-locate those who live there, those homes are used for folks who are on call at the hospital and we have already replaced those homes to houses that’s actually closer to the hospital,” says Flyte.

Residents are concerned if this additional lot will causes more traffic in the village. “We’ve done traffic studies and we collaborated with the village, they hired their own traffic engineer who has analyzed our traffic study report. They are in agreement that we’re not really bringing more cars to the campus, those cars are just being redistributed differently so both the village traffic engineer and ours feel that this has minimal impact on traffic,” says Flyte.

The Cooperstown Village Board held public hearing on Jan. 27. to discuss construction on the proposed project. The village needs to approve the project before any construction could start.

This project is completed funded by Bassett Healthcare. Earlier, Bassett had rejected a plan for a parking garage because it would be very costly.

The next Village of Cooperstown Board of Trustees is set for Feb. 24. Flyte hopes that is when the village will approve the project.

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