Proposal Banning Syrian Refugees Not Local Discussion


This evening the Government and Education Committee of the Utica Common Council discussed the proposal to ban Syrian refugees from the Utica area. 

Councilman Frank Vescera proposed the option of banning all Syrian refugees from being brought into Utica per safety reasons.

In a heated debate between Vescera and the rest of the Government and Education Committee, the proposal was unanimously brought down. 

“And it’s unfortunate that eight members of council are willing to voice their support to the views of those willing to keep the vetting process legitimate and that’s what a resolution is, it’s not a law.  There’s no power to it.”

Vescera says that President Obama is changing the accessibility for Syrian refugees to enter America.  Members of the committee agreed that they cannot decide on this legislation because it is a federal issue and above the decisions made in a City Common Council. 

“It’s a federal matter. It’s above our pay grade so I do believe that the Common Council will keep the same view about this issue”

The Committee addressed that since it is a national discussion, it will continue to be out of local and even state government’s hands.

*If the legislation was voted upon in favor of banning refugees, it would be immediate.  However, as said many times before, the City has no control over allowing or banning refugees from to the Mohawk Valley, it’s a federal decision.

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