Property Appraisals for Downtown Hospital


Last week, 39 property owners that make up 77 properties throughout 25 acres of Downtown Utica,  received a letter from the Mohawk Valley Health System, indicating that they have begun the request for proposal process for appraisal companies. Which for the Executive Vice President and CEO of MVHS is another step in keeping project plans on pace.

Bob Scholefield, The Executive Vice President and COO for MVHS says,
“What we will need to do over the course of the next 2-3 months is to hire appraisals companies that will come into the community and appraise all 77 of those locations.”

At the conclusion of those appraisals, Scholefield says representatives from MVHS will meet with each property owner to review the appraisal and to go over the next steps. But coinciding with gaining the land to build the hospital, is the effort to secure final plans for the $300 million in funding, however it will require a certificate of need approved by the state. In order to begin that phase, Scholefield says MVHS will need to hire contractors and architectural engineers to draw up the CON documents.

“Because there’s a requirement that there’s a certain percentage of the drawings are completed conceptually so that we can come up with an estimated price that’s a little clearer than what we’re currently working with. So we’ll start that process over the course of the next few months, that will be on our dime, we’ll be paying for those. When the $300 million dollars comes, that money will likely go to the rest of the money needed for that project from that point going forward.”

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