Progress of AMS Underway


It may be in it’s early stages but excavation work has begun at the Marcy Nanocenter site,  to build a chip fabrication lab for the Austrian chip manufacturer, AMS.

Steven DiMeo, The President Mohawk Valley Edge says,

“And what’s happening now, since last summer has been some of the preliminary site prep work, and what’s been going on now for the past two weeks has been excavation work of overboard material to support the actual footings and foundations for the fab.”

Construction of the labs will soon follow, and a expected completion date is within 24 months, and so far, DiMeo says those plans are right on schedule.

“The design of the fab is something that will start shortly. Permitting approvals are in place so we’re pretty comfortable that we’re going to be able to progress the development of the project.”

During that time, Mohawk Valley Edge will continue the global marketing of the site, for other companies interested in building on the 428 acre site.

“There are three development terraces, the one where AMS will be located on will be the top one closest to Hazard Road. There are two other terraces that can be built out to support additional semiconductor manufacturing.”

DiMeo adds that the Governor’s actions to leverage the success from the state capitol has made the planning process easier to achieve.

“So now you really have a Westward shift and focus, and Suny Poly, this is really their campus this is one of the pivotal sites across the State of New York , and it’s being prepared for economic success. What’s happening with GE is one part of it, what’s happening with AMS is a continuation of that success, and we feel pretty confident that over the next 15 to 20 years, we’ll have full build-out of this site. “

DiMeo adds that GE’s progress is likely to happen sooner than AMS, considering that construction of the Quad-C site has already been completed. However he says the important piece for GE is settling with their technology partners on the tool sets for their Silicon Carbide Packaging center.

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