Preventing Sexual Assault on Campus


Earlier last year, Vice President Joe Biden spoke at Syracuse University, urging college communities Nationwide to be the generation that takes a stand against female sexual assault.
At Utica College, the effort to provide a safe and secure environment for it’s students, including sexual assault prevention is always at the forefront.

Alane Varga, Dean of Diversity & Student Development at Utica College says,
“So you do education, with students and by students. Students doing peer education and the college holding education programs, you do training for faculty and staff.
Make sure you have policies and processes in place, and make sure you have a way of holding people accountable.”

Fraternities including ‘Alpha Chi Rho’ have joined the it’s on us campaign’ and are hoping to raise awareness and speak up when necessary.
And with new technology like the Guardian App, more on more students can turn to technology to make sure they get back to their dorm safely.

Wayne Sullivan, Director of campus safety at Utica College adds,

“We get a tip from a device, we can go on our system here and look, it’s got a GPS system that can hone right in on that device so we know where that activity is or where that person is at the time.”

And while initiatives like ‘It’s on US’ have helped, it will be a continuous battle to help colleges in the years to come.

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