Preventing Cyber Crimes


Legislation has been passed to prevent cyber crimes in New York State.

“In today’s world, we are always concerned about terrorism and attacks through cyber. We are fighting cyber wars each and everyday,” said Senator Joe Griffo. 

That is why the New York State Senate passed the bills.

“One of them would deal with financial crimes because now many people are trying to use technology to perpetrate widespread financial crisis, which has an effect on our financial institutions, which have an effect on our economy,” said Senator Griffo.

The legislation would also impact money launderers.

“There are a lot of people now who money launder in order to support terror activities or organizations. So both aspects of this piece of legislation would confront these things and make a higher consequence for anyone caught and involved in these activities,” explained Griffo.

Utica college cyber security assistant professor, Austen Givens says cyber security legislation is vital.

“When it comes to money laundering, bankers in particular have a hard time tracking criminal activity,” said Givens. “What they have to look for are suspicious activity that usually differ in dollar amount and that can be a very time consuming process.”

Gives said he is happy that Senator Griffo is helping to tackle this issue.

“One of the biggest problems cyber security professionals face is reducing and ultimately eliminating cyber criminal’s activity,” explained Givens.”And so through the extent we can strengthen state laws to do that, we will be well on our way.”

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