Preparing for The Ride


Organizers for the Ride for Missing Children hosted a rider and volunteer meeting this evening.  Eyewitness News reporter Nicole Todd was there for a look at the work involved, leading up to the big ride.

The ride has been raising awareness for twenty years now.  Riders, volunteers and supporters gather together for one reason–child safety.

The ride is both emotional and rewarding.

“It’s like a rollercoaster, there’s sometimes that are incredibly happy and joyful and some times that are very, very sad,” said John Nabors.

Through tears, smiles and remembrance–one thing stays the same, the reason you ride.

“We have families from all over the country that may be still searching for their child or may understand that the resolution to their search is not what they’ve hoped for.  They come here and in a matter of 36 hours or so that they spend with us, to see them smiling and happy at the fact that they’ve shared this kind of love and care in our community.  There’s nothing really more rewarding, “said Tony Artessa.

And to get the riders motivated and determined- a Cycling Paralympian and Army Veteran shared his story on how biking has helped him overcome obstacles.

“So I was serving Active Duty in the Army when I was diagnosed with Stargardt Disease and my goal tonight is to share my fight against the eye disease and how the bicycle has kind of been my vehicle, my avenue for rebuilding my life.  So similar to what the RFMC does, with a bicycle as a vehicle for educating the public and educating people about missing and exploited children.”

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