A local internship program for the developmentally disabled at Herkimer ARC are teaming up with Herkimer College to teach valuable work experience to become marketable in the community.  Eyewitness News reporter Nicole Todd has more on the program.

‘Project Search’ focuses solely on achieving employment and independence in the community for all interns.

Each intern will have three internships on Herkimer College’s campus.  Ranging from food services to clerical work and they will learn hand’s on experience to become marketable in the community for employment after they finish the program. Herkimer College is the first two year school in New York State to hold this program on their campus. 

“To show that you’re brave enough and responsible enough to do the job,” says future Project Search intern Katherine Moore.

“These individuals will also serve as role models.  As they come in and interact with our staff as well as our students and I think that’s very important.  We are a college who embraces diversity in all of its forms, we have very strong programs and I believe that a partnership like this will not only benefit the interns but will definitely benefit our students and our staff,” says Herkimer College Associate Dean Dr. Robin Voetterl-Riecker.

The link for more information on the program is here- http://www.projectsearch.us/

For information for the Herkimer ARC- http://www.herkimerarc.org/