Practicing Inclusion, One Year Later

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“They always smile when they see Mark;they always point and say hey, there’s mark,” says older brother Luke, “that’swhat Mark makes people do, he makes them smile.”

Regina Brown has been Mark’s aide fortwo years now. “They take care of him and he takes care of them, it’s abeautiful thing, it’s what things need to be, it’s what things needs to be,it’s respect for each other for every kind of individual”

Brown has also worked in settingswhere students with disabilities are separated from their “typical”peers.”

“When you just have thatcontained, everybody’s on different levels, you’re not giving the kids whatthey need, it’s not fair.”

Brown says no matter where thesechildren go, they will always be the ones that reach out and include everyone,and help those in need.

“They know the beauty of what youget when you let somebody open their heart to you, they know that beauty,because they do it daily.”

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