Picente Gives COVID-19 Update


Oneida County Executive, Anthony Picente gave his daily 3pm briefing. As of today, the number of deaths still remain at two. There are seven new cases of COVID-19 bringing the total to 86 positive cases, with 65 active cases. The number of negative tests is 492 and 831 people have been tested.

Picente announced that some bars and restaurants are still not following social distancing guidelines. He says he will be working with Oneida County Sheriff and the Oneida County District Attorney to enforce a plan.

Director of Health for Oneida County, Phyllis Ellis says people should wear masks when they are unable to practice social distancing, such as going to the grocery store. Ellis says young children, especially under the age of two should not wear masks because it can be hard for them to breath. Also, people with respiratory problems should not wear them as well. Phyllis recommends that people visit the CDC website, cdc.gov for more information.

With a shortage of masks worldwide, it is recommended that people wear cloth masks that can be made from home.

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