Picente Frustrated with Cuomo


Oneida County Executive, Anthony Picente expressed his frustrations today with Governor Andrew Cuomo for not taking responsibility on the states online vaccine scheduling.

“Today the governor claimed that the system failure was a hack, that the state is not the fault of scheduling. that if there are any issues, you should contact the county. Well, that is not entirely true. So either the governor is not telling the truth or the governor doesn’t know the system that his people have put forth.”—Picente

Picente says when you go to the county’s website to schedule, it takes you to the state’s website,
“Because I can assure you, had we been scheduling appointments, it would be a lot smoother and it is their site. He blames a hacker on that. He blames the federal government on not having enough vaccines. He blames the county. And all of a sudden when we were not involved, it’s our fault.”

Picente says it is frustrating and insulting to the people on the ground doing the work, “And most importantly it’s outrageous to those people that need vaccines, that this finger pointing is going on.”

So far the county had administered 2,050 vaccines and want to do more but need more doses.
“We can distribute this vaccine. Give me more vaccines governor. Give me more vaccines Mr. president. whether it’s this president or the one that’s going to take office in four days, I will get them out the door to the people that need them.”

Picented told us he has reached out to Cuomo’s people but has yet to hear back.

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