Picente announced flood funds before legislative approval


$1 million recovery opportunity OK'd today by legislators

UTICA–Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente announced $1 million in flood recovery assistance funding prior to formal legislative approval.

November 2, Picente announced that residents, business owners and municipalities–hit by historic Halloween floods–could apply for county financial assistance.

The county board of legislators approved $1 million to be pulled from the county’s fund balance–known as the ‘rainy day fund’–on Wednesday.

“I had no doubts. I had talked to the legislators, to the leadership, before I announced it. So, I knew that I had support on the board for it,” Picente said following the vote.

A $500,000 funding pool is offered for qualifying homeowners and business owners to tap into, and $500,000 for qualifying municipalities toward clean-up efforts; to be split 50/50.

“People needed to know that we were prepared…” “…it was an executive decision that I would make any day of the week, at any time, that there is an emergency. I think that’s what being the county executive is about,” Picente said.

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