Pen Pals Program Brings Children & Senior Citizens Together

Pen Pals Program Brings Children & Senior Citizens Together_6700281401929583948

Two generations came together today at the Westside Senior Center. Kernan Elementary students and senior citizens at Westside have been participating in the Best Buddies Pen Pal Program, and after writing to eachother for a few months, today they met for the first time. Coordinators say it’s a program that benefits both age groups – and the members we spoke with couldn’t agree more.

“I wrote her a letter,we had to say what we liked, and then they wrote back to us,” says Vitaoina Fakas, Kernan Elementary student.

“Many of the children do not have a chance to interact with the senior community and many of the seniors miss their own grandchildren or children, so this is the best of both worlds,” says Barbara Mickler, Westside Senior Center.

About 50 students and 35 seniors took part in the Pen Pal Program.

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