Paul Deep Sworn in as Family Court Judge


The Honorable Paul Deep was sworn today at the Oneida County Courthouse. Deep will be stepping down from his practice and up onto the bench as Oneida County’s newest Family Court Judge.

“I am so honored to have been elected into this position and I will do my very best every day to serve the families of our great county,” Deep said.

Family and friends filled the courtroom this afternoon to welcome Deep into his new position.

“That is it best part of this,” Deep said.

But it was a man who once predicted his future who got to swear him in.

“Judge Cook after, it was one of my first trials it may have even been my first trial with him, he leaned over after and said son, you’re going to be a judge someday,” Deep said.

And with only three Family Court judges for the past six months, others agree that this comes in perfect timing.

“It’s a very busy court, so, we’ve really needed the help. and you know, based on Paul’s experience he’s going to be able to hit the ground running,” said Randy Caldwell, the Oneida County Family Court Judge.

Deep said his prior experience has prepped him for today.

“I’ve had about 3,000 family court cases, a lot of trials, and a strong focus on that area of the law representing any type of person–parents, children,” Deep said.

Deep will be closing his practice in two days, and heading down to the Judicial Institution in White Plains directly after.

“He’s always had that enthusiasm and that energy and I think with his work ethic he’s going to be bringing that to the bench,” Caldwell said.

An attitude that’ll be necessary to take on the task.

“It’s a court of the most difficult subject matter. You know, we deal with families that are torn apart we deal with children that are neglected and abused,” Deep said.

Deep’s official first day is Monday, January 1.

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