Tweets of Faith- # WalkwithFrancis

Papal Visit 2015

Millions will head to Philadelphia to see Pope Francis,  27 students at Holy Cross High School in Dunmore won’t be there. But they have a different way to connect with the holy father’s visit.

“As a young person in high school, spreading the good news through twitter is something that is very easy for us to do.” said Bailey Simrell, a Junior at Holy Cross High School

The Holy Cross High School twitter squad meets to tweet…

“Even though we’re in Scranton Pennsylvania, we can really make a difference and spread the good news of Christ across the entire country and across the world. “

Using the hashtag “Walk with Francis” the students will interact with the Pope’s visit.

Even though they won’t attend any of the events in person.

  “They really feel connected, which is a great thing.Because the pope is mostly in the Vatican and so how are they going to connect to him? Every day they could connect to him.” said Kathy Yaklic the Director of Religious Formation at Holy Cross High School.

Anticipating his visit one student continues the countdown in his tweet…. but Senior Zoe Haggerty says the journey continues well past the pontiff’s visit.
“It’s not just this day. It’s not just next week. It’s not even just social media, what we tweet about on twitter, we want to bring that out in life and act it out in our world. ” noted Haggerty
Kathy Yacklic says the tool is a positive one.

 “This historic week is really spearheading them to continue transforming the world one tweet at a time, as we say.”

The tweets will also be immortalized. While in Washington D-C Pope Francis will receive a social media book filled with acts of kindness.
  Some of the tweets from Holy Cross Students will be featured in the book that will go to the Vatican…

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