A ten year old girl from Rome is working to overcome a vision impairment in the sport of archery, and she’s doing quite well.  Eyewitness News reporter Nicole Todd met her at one of her practice sessions and has the story.

Karabrie Wiggins is competing at a national level in a sport where vision and accuracy are crucial.  She’s breaking the barriers and using her impairment to her advantage.

What started as a physical education course turned into a passion for Karabrie Wiggins.

“I didn’t think I was going to be that good.  I didn’t think it was going to be something I was so interested in, but I really ended up liking it,” Wiggins said.

National Archery in the Schools Program was developed to create a passion for outdoor activities. And with target shooting, NASP is hoping it helps self-reliance development. For Karabrie, it’s much more than that–it’s excelling while overcoming a challenge she was born with. And she uses it as her advantage.

“I was born with something called a lazy eye.  Like I can’t really see that much out of my left eye but, I can see really good out of my right eye. So, I was right eyed dominate so I kind of knew I was right eye. So for me being able to see out of one eye that’s kind of cool because not every kid is able to do that so, it’s cool.”

They say, practice makes perfect, and that’s what Karabrie does to compete at such a high level. She also was willing to share with us pointers on getting that lucky bullseye.

“So first you’re going to put your arrow on your, the knock.  And, a way to remember it is to, you’re going to knock the knock, below the knock locator.  So you’re going to clip the arrow.  there’s something called the archers groove, so you’re going to take your three fingers on your right hand and put it under your bow and just kind of relax your pinky and thumb and then you’re going to put your arm out and then you’re going to anchor it back which means you’re going to pull your arm back, aim and shoot.”

Even though she taught me the proper way I still wasn’t able to get the bullseye like her.  And that’s why she’s headed to Kentucky next week with her teammates.  They leave Wednesday.