Otsego County Treasurer Won’t Seek Re-election


Afterreturning from military service this week… Otsego county treasurer, Democrat Dan Crowell, says he will notbe seeking re-election this November. But there’s a catch… Crowell’s name willstill appear on the ballot. According to the Otsego County Democratic Partychairman… It’s too late to make any changes to the ballot. Instead deputycounty treasurer Russ Bachman, who’sa democrat, will run as an independent. There’s no republican candidate. Crowellsays his responsibility to his military duties played a key factor in hisdecision.

Crowell says, “Itcertainly became the factor that tipped the balance in one way or anotherbecause there’s a very high likelihood in the command that I’m under within theUS Army and the Army Reserve that I’m going to be called to active duty againfor an extended period of time and that’s hard to negotiate when you’ve got60,000 employers and you want to live up to the expectations you have tothem.”

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