Oneonta’s downtown revitalization initiative project


There’s been talk about new construction and renovations in Oneonta as part of their downtown revitalization project.

“We’re really excited about the revitalization that is going on of Oneonta’s start downtown.” – Mayor Gary Herzig, City of Oneonta

Right now the city is in the process of awarding grants to local businsses to update their facades and new signage. They’re working with developers to create 40 units of artist lofts and 24 units of affordable middle income housing. In 2020 they’re aiming to complete renovations on their parking garage, removing decades-old urban blight, and moving their transit hub off of Main Street.

“Right now the hub for our buses is right on main street, right in the middle of traffic, right by a dangerous intersection. We want to get them off of main street, down to have a real transit hub where people can get on the buses, out of the weather and a welcoming center for people arriving to the city of Oneonta.” – Mayor Gary Herzig, City of Oneonta

Many are wondering if this project could help bring in more jobs for Oneonta.

“You know, jobs are important and people are important. One of the things that we need to attract more people is we need better housing options. And a lot of the young people today particulary like living downtown. So, a big part of our downtown revitalization is creating more housing options for folks so that they can live in a walkable downtown.” – Mayor Gary Herzig, City of Oneonta

Mayor Herzig says the city is expected to finish most of these projects within the next 2 years.

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