Oneonta superintendent reacts to school reopening framework


Oneonta City School District Superintendent Thomas Brindley was hoping for some finalized guidance on Monday for how he was going to open his schools.

Instead, he was disappointed in what he received. 

“To me, that’s really not a set of guidelines,” said Brindley. “These are things that I know as a school administrator. I’ve been wrestling with those things for weeks now.”

The 28-slide presentation contained information that Brindley said he already knew. One of those was gathering information on the internet capabilities of everyone in each school.

“We’ve all been trying to create some sort of teaching and learning flexibility and surveying our stakeholders on their varying degrees of connectivity,” said Brindley. “I mean that was done back in March.”

The way Brindley sees it, he now has three options:

  • Send everyone to school, following COVID-19 restrictions
  • Keep everyone home to implement distance learning
  • Create a hybrid of the two formats, where students attend school part-time

Brindley said he wishes Gov. Andrew Cuomo would’ve picked one of those options because now his district is divided.

“We’re kind of divided, almost completely in thirds,” said Brindley.

Reopening plans are due to the state by the end of July.

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