Oneida Indian Nation Makes Multi-Million Employee Bonus Distribution

Oneida Indian Nation Makes Multi-Million Employee Bonus Distribution_-8019774127427399725

With the holidays upon us, expenses are adding up and it can be a stressful time for many people but one company is recognizing its hard-working employees. The Oneida Indian Nation made a multi-million dollar bonus distribution to nearly 4,000 employees in its workforce today. And employees say they’re very grateful.

“Now a days you’re grateful for a job, let alone a job you love to come to. And then to get a bonus, its perfect. And I can give my kids a Christmas, we’re lucky, I’m grateful,” says Terri Torrey, employee.

“It’s great to be picked out of our whole team-member base and it feels good. It makes me feel that I’m being rewarded, and makes me feel a litte bit special,” says Sarah McCarthy, employee.

“It’s a real happy day for all of us but it’s really about what jobs mean to a community and the investment that it is. And we’ve done very well, we’re very delighted with the year, the awards we’ve won and what it’s done for our community,” says Ray Halbritter, CEO of Oneida Nation Enterprises.

Mr. Halbritter encouraged employees to use their bonuses to shop locally this holiday season. He says local spending helps the entire community benefit from the nation’s success.

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