Oneida Family Battles Flood Damage And Bone Cancer

Oneida Family Battles Flood Damage And Bone Cancer_-8715390904422545739

Some flood victims say they’re moving out of the emergency stage and into the recovery phase. But an Oneida family is dealing with far more problems than just flood damage.

Ronda and Terrie Lanz say they’re not just battling extreme flood damage, Terrie is also battling bone cancer.

“I want to be able to help my family and I can’t right now,” says Terrie Lanz, bone cancer patient and flood victim.

It’s hard to understand Terrie because he just had his jaw replaced. Terrie was diagnosed with bone cancer in May.

“It was a long surgery, I just remember waiting, being at work, being nervous,” says Eric Lanz, Terrie’s son.

And then things got worse for the family. While recovering in the hospital, Terrie’s wife called him in a panic.

“My wife called me the morning it was happening and all I could do was lie in my hospital bed and cry,” says Terrie.

“He’s so independent that its hard for him to rely on other people, just like me,” says Eric.

But relying on other people is exactly what they’d have to do. It was June 28th, the day the floods destroyed many homes in Oneida including theirs.

“No carpets, no walls, no appliances, no memories, all my pictures are gone, all my kids videos are gone,” says Ronda Lanz, Terrie’s wife.

The Lanz’ first floor is completely gutted. Ronda says between medical bills and flood repairs, they could be looking at $50,000 dollars worth of damage.

“I don’t think the state could give us enough for all that we’ve lost in this house,” says Ronda.

The family has been living in a hotel for the past month. Ronda says family and friends have been helping out and Eric has been working over-time. But family members say it’s hard to wear a smile.

“It’s a lot of waiting, and getting nervous, and just hoping, mostly its just frustrating and I’m sure hes upset he can say what he wants. He’s saying what he wants to say but we can’t understand him,” says Eric.

The surgery and the flood has taken it’s toll on the family but their trying to find that silver lining. Some relatives are setting up a benefit in hopes of raising money, and raising spirits.

The Lanz’ Benefit will be Saturday, August 17th at 1pm at Jack’s Or Better on Lake Road in Oneida. The family will have live music, food, and raffles. Tickets are $10 per person; kids under 12 are free.

For more information, call Kelly at 315-761-6981 or Missy at 315-264-5269.

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