Oneida County: School Bus Cameras Could Be Installed Before 2022


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — In 2019 New York State passed a law allowing schools to install cameras on their school buses. Governor Cuomo has said quote “We are providing school districts the tools they need to hold reckless drivers accountable.”

“Passing a stopped school bus is one of the most severe sections of the vehicle and traffic law because if the potential for seriously injuring or killing a child.”Sheriff Robert Maciol Oneida County Sheriff’s Office

Fines range anywhere from $250 – $1000 dollars depending on the number of offenses. Each conviction comes with 5 points on your license. New York State DMV says roughly 50,000 vehicles pass stopped school buses in the state everyday. Installing these cameras on the stop-arms would be help make prosecuting a lot easier.

“Any time the arms goes out on the bus, the camera’s activated. So, it’s not just activated when a car passes it but it’s because it needs to get the car’s license plate before they actually pass the bus.” – Sheriff Robert Maciol Oneida County Sheriff’s Office

The vendor funds the project and in exchange, the county will give them a portion of the fines. The Board of Legislators will vote on a boilerplate agreement for the cameras in one of their next meetings. No schools have opted in yet, but Sheriff Maciol says the cameras could hit buses before 2022.

“Our goal here is the September opening of the school.” – Sheriff Robert Maciol Oneida County Sheriff’s Office

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