Oneida County officals share 2013 outlook

Oneida County officals share 2013 outlook _3700211558441762998

A new year means new opportunities, and County Executive, Anthony Picente is hoping for just that in the county.

“We have some ambitious capitol projects, some work at the airport that will hopefully drive some economic development. We’ll continue to work on the Marcy Nano Center site and continue to work on developing that,” said Picente.

Along with wanting to increase economic development in the area, Picente says he wants to look at more ways to consolidate in 2013.

“Revenues shrink and it gets harder and harder to construct a budget to keep all of our functions going,” he said.

In the county’s seat, Utica Mayor, Robert Palmieri says he knows the city has faced some tough financial times, like many other places.

But, he says the new year is all about continuing to grow.

“There’s a lot of optimism at this point about developing in the city. Economic development right now is very good. We’re talking about the downtown project, we’re talking about the developers that are looking to come in here,” he said.

And wile attracting developers to the area, the Mayor also says they want to continue to focus on keeping the city clean with the sweeps initiative, even during winter.

In New Hartford, the town will be seeing some changes for the good, according to the Town Supervisor.

Patrick Tyksinsky says they’ve had issues with zoning and a new plan is taking place to re-zone the 22 districts.

“From those 22, we’re going to go down to six so it makes it a lot easier for when people want to come in and put something up and look to develop….there’s going to be less confusion. It will make it a lot more simpler,” he said.

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