Oneida County Board of Elections Needs to Find Replacements for Both Commissioners


Utica, N.Y.—Now that both of the Oneida County Board of Elections commissioners have resigned Oneida County Democrats have been busy trying to find the perfect candidate to replace them. 

“We’re looking for somebody who has experience managing a staff,” Bill Thickstun Chair of Towns on the Oneida County Democratic Committee said. “We’re looking for somebody with good communication skills, somebody who can interact well with the public, somebody who is good at detail work because these are super careful detail-oriented jobs, somebody who is committed to running fair elections.”

By law, each party nominates a candidate to be approved by the Board of Legislators. According to election law, the candidates need to meet only two criteria, they have to be a member of the party, and they need to be registered to vote.

“We’re particularly excited about the candidates this time,” Thickstun said. “I think partly because of the situation we have a stronger pool than I have ever seen for this position, so that’s the good news.”

The New York 22nd congressional court case exposed many errors on the Oneida County Board of Elections part, the most telling were the 2,400 DMV registrations that the board failed to process in time. The blame has been placed on the Oneida County Board of Elections commissioners from the beginning and many called on Governor Andrew Cuomo to remove them before they stepped down.

“It comes down to competence, and diligence, and capacity,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said during his briefing. “I’m not saying that the election commissioners brought any bias to the job and I don’t have in-depth knowledge, but to me, it seems like basic incompetence, and many of these boards they appoint political people who are not competent to do the job.”

The Oneida County Republicans sent out an email earlier today looking for candidates, and anyone interested should send a letter of interest to Oneida County Republican Chairman Peter Sobel by noon on February 25th.

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