One Local Community Activist is Pushing For Change Through Peaceful Protests


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — Over the weekend Kimberly Jones, a community activist, hosted a protest in response to the use of excessive force involving officer Matthew Filetto during an arrest with a suspect.

“I wanted to use this opportunity to get the community together, and speak out for some things that they may be going on in our community. The police brutality, some of the crime that we’re having right in our streets, so it was important to use this time. ” – Kimberly Jones, Community Activist

Last Saturday the group gathered at Oneida Square then peacefully marched to and from Utica’s Police Department. Kimberly says a recent incident at her job inspired her to organize the event.

“I wore a black lives matter mask. We all have to wear masks now, we have to do it. So, I wore the mask for almost 2 weeks with no incident no problem. My store manager was fine with it, but then we had a district manager that came in. She saw me with the mask on, she did as me to remove it. Long story short I refused.” – Kimberly Jones, Community Activist

With the help of friends, family and social media, she was offered her position back at work. Next, Kimberly says she’s working with local leaders to create a community center with different activities for children in the city.

“Start some athletic programs, we need some mentoring programs started. Programs that maybe we can actually involve the Utica Police Department and mentoring some of the kids that are out here on the street, so maybe you can get to know them.” – Kimberly Jones, Community Activist

Anyone interested in future protests can contact her on Facebook under Kimberly Jones.

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