On The Job Training Program helping both job hunters and employers

On The Job Training Program helping both job hunters and employers_-4608353499946659937

The sales engineer at Custom Tool and Model Corporation in Frankfort says they’re always looking to expand the company.

But finding the perfect candidate for the job can be tough.

“It’s very difficult,” said John Piseck, the sales engineer.

He says the company likes to see people with a strong math background and motivated employers who want to come into work everyday.

John now has some help in the hiring process thanks to a program.

It’s appropriately called the “On the Job Training Program,” which is a federal grant given to New York State to help companies grow their business

“It gives the company an opportunity to bring in people and train them and give them additional skills to be able to be proficient in operating these machines,” said Mike Werenczak, an Employment Specialist for Herkimer County Working Solutions.

As a small company, Piseck says having money to help with training helps CTM Corporation off-set it’s costs and find the right people.

“We’re investing in the individual. Plus, they are investing in us if the come to work everyday and want to learn because they have to learn and want to invest in themselves too,” he said.

John says this program isn’t just about funding to train employees.

“It also entices other people that maybe thought there was nothing out there to come see us. You never know if you were good at math in school, there’s probably a place for you,”

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