Olbiston Response Concerns Raised


Mayoral Candidate Claims Wrongdoing, Mayor Responds

Utica Mayoral Candidate, Joe Marino, claims the incumbent did not usefully address the issues at the Olbiston Apartments after receiving a report on building issues.

Marino said Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri didn’t do enough to address roof leaks, and other structural conerns.

“These are human beings that the mayor was told directly that this was not a habitable building, and all we did was take it to court quietly until 3 weeks before an election and now we are putting these people and their lives on hold, and moving them everywhere.”

Joe Marino, Utica Mayoral Candidate

Palmieri responded saying the City has been in court since 2017 over repairs to the building. The City was and is currently seeking an owner who will tend to the tenants needs.

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