UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) – New York State has allocated $2.7 billion dollars for the Rental Assistance Program. So far, the state has distributed about 120 million of those funds.

“As far as state money would go through the office of Disability and Temporary Assistance. So, a portal was set up where a tenant and landlord came together to create the document to identify why an individual could not paid their rent and then it would be submitted. We have received numerous calls regarding the portal not functioning appropriately.” – Marianne Buttenschon, Assembly District 119

Buttenschon says the process has been difficult for landlords.

“A tenant has to prove that they had a COVID related cause of why they didn’t pay their rent. Were many landlords are telling us individuals could have paid their rent, they just chose not to because they thought the moratorium said no one has to pay.” – Marianne Buttenschon, Assembly District 119

The new process will relax documentation for both the tenant and the landlord. Also, allow for state staff volunteers to start clearing pending cases of almost 5,000. This new process will be effective starting tomorrow.

The program is expected to serve up to 200,000 households.