NYC’s Board of Health votes to ban the sale of large sugary drinks

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The New York City’s Board of Health has voted to ban thesale of large sugary drinks.

The ban applies to drinks larger than 16 ounces. Eyewitness NewsReporter Jennifer Lee tells us what this means for the Big Apple and possiblyfor all New Yorkers.

“It seems like the constitution means less and less everyday,” said one Utica resident, William Bouchei.

Many residents in Central New York think the newly passedsoda ban in New York City is unnecessary.

“They’ll just buy two sodas if they want it that bad. It’snot taking away what they can get its just taking away a size,” said Bouchei.

The ban is designed to help combat obesity and encouragehealthier lifestyles.

So the next time you stop by restaurants, movie theaters orfood carts in city, You won’t be able to order an extra-large. One Central New Yorkersays the government is overstepping its boundaries.

“I don’t think they have a say in it one way oranother. I think people are going to find a way around it,” said Joel Bertin.

This move is expected to draw protest from the sodaindustry. Companies like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are calling the ban misguidedand arbitrary. Oneida County’s Public Health Educator, Jesse Orton says it’sgood to be aware your sugar intake.

“Research does indicate that the consumption of sugarybeverages is the one food item linked to obesity in recent studies,” said Orton.

Officials say Americans consume 200 to 300 hundred morecalories daily than we did 30 years ago, with the largest increase due tosugary drinks.

But to fight obesity or not, area residents say there areother more important issues to facing New York City.

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