NY Works initative will create thousands of jobs across New York State

NY Works initative will create thousands of jobs across New York State _-2122471316701102062

Thousands of jobs are expected to be created thisconstruction season, that’s according to the New York State Department of Transportation.

The New York Works program’s goals are to improve roads andprevent costly construction projects in the future.

This means more traffic and workers out on the road.

“We are putting people in the construction industry towork this year as opposed to three years from now and we are investing in ourinfrastructure,” said Joan McDonald, the NYS DOT Commissioner.

It’s all a part of Governor Cuomo’s New York Works initiative,a $15 billion state-wide program that includes transportation, economicdevelopment water treatment and sewer and dam control.

In the Central New York area – the New York State Departmentof Transportation will get $1.2 billion out of the New York Works program ontop of their $1.6 billion annual capital construction program from the state.

It’s an unprecedented investment in infrastructure says DOTCommissioner McDonald.

“This sends a very strong message to the localcommunities and businesses in the state that New York is Open for Business andthis builds upon Governor Cuomo’s Regional Economic Council that rolled outlast year,” stated McDonald.

In the Utica area, the New York Works Pavement and Bridgesproject is a nearly $34 million investment, improving 250 miles of pavement andrehabilitating seven bridges.

Area contractor, Dale Carlson, says this is good news forhim and his company.

“We still have some 10 to 15 people that are not back to workthis construction season. This program will allow them to get back to work andhire others,” said Carlson.

Dale says his company will be working on three bridges forthe DOT and will be starting the projects this week.

“They put out a set of plans we look at them. It’s anopen bid. All other contractors look at the same stuff. The people with the lowbid usually get the contract,” said Carlson.

With all the construction, the DOT wants drivers to be aware of the work zones and move over when they can.

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