Notah Begay Foundation Challenge

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    One of two Native Americanchildren born after 2000 will develop type 2 diabetes. So in 2005, professionalgolfer Notah Begay started a foundation to help give back to Native Americanyouth.

            Tournament host Begay says, “It’ always kind of been a dreamof mine ever since I graduated from Stanford with a degree in economics. Myhopes were to continue to purse my golf career, of course, but also to pushforward different imitative within the Indian Country that could hopefully makea difference.”

            And five years ago Begay partnered with the Oneida IndianNation to help promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce obesity and diabetes.

            OneidaIndian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter says, “One of the significantelements of this initiative is that it is treatable, it is preventable, it iscurable, and it can be dealt with.”

            The Notah Begay Foundation Challenge raises money for agreat cause but it also attracts the best of the best within the golfingcommunity. Tiger Woods referred to his Stanford teammate, Notah Begay, as a bigbrother and is honored to help out with the cause.

            Woods says, “This is a fantastic event, you knowRay has done an amazing job hosting us but I think that getting awareness andeducation about what Notah’s trying to do for the Native American community Ithink that’s just phenomenal.”

            Cristie Kerr has been one of the top professionals on theLPGA tour, currently ranked 8th and the cause this event benefits is close toher heart.

            Kerrsays, “You know without these programs these kids don’t have anything. Sothis is why this event is so important. It hits close to home for me, you knowboth of my parents are type two diabetics. So there’s a lot of reasons for meto be here and playing in this event.”

            Today the Notah Begay Foundation Challenge raised$500,000 for Native Youth.

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