Nostro Restaurant is opening on Friday


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) – After a long 15 months of not being able to open due to the pandemic, this social experience restaurant is ready to open their door to give you a taste of northern Italy.

“You could eat here just like you would at any other restaurant where you can order normal courses but our social dining experience, we call it the ‘Arsenal’, ​named after the venetian Arsenal in Venice. We basically just bombard you with food. So, you come in you pay one price, you enjoy your company, we just make sure you stay fed. 

The restaurant was supposed to open back in March of 2020 but Pezzalonella says this gave them more time to reflect and regroup. 

We didn’t want to open up during masks and social distancing so being able to wait and kind of hit the brakes and figure out how we could do this the best it was actually pretty beneficial for us. 

Pezzalonella also owns Ocean Blue and Rick’s Famous Burgers and in Nostro, a lot of the bank’s items are a part of the restaurant. 

“The mural was the centerpiece; it was the original was installed here. it showed all the different branches that Oneida national bank had throughout the state. It gave us the opportunity to make that be the centerpiece and build around that. This building was built in the 50’s so it has a lot of mid-century modern design. It has really good bones of venetian Terrazzo floor, marble walls, that mural. So rather than change anything we just built upon that. 

You can sauce up your weekend by having a bite at nostro.

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