NO Phase 2 Reopen For The Mohawk Valley Friday


The State Says The Phase 1 Data Has To Be Studied

On the eve of what was expected to be the start of Phase 2 of the Reopen from the Covid – 19 shutdown, the state has said that the Phase 2 Reopen will not start on Friday. A clearly frustrated Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente made the announcement in a hastily called press conference Thursday evening. Picente said that the Mohawk Valley Control Board had a phone meeting with state officials and were told that the green light for Phase 2 could not be given until the region’s data meets the state standards. The stipulation of the expert panel review having the weight to decide the regions status was not fully known to the regions until phone calls Thursday night.

The Oneida County Executive said that he will not punish any business that opens after having expected the okay from the state on Friday. Picente said that he expressed his frustration to the state officials on the call, but there was no reaction. There was also no indication how long the delay might be. Gov. Cuomo was not in on the call.

Picente said that, at no time prior to the 7:00PM phone call on Thursday, had the regional Control Boards been told about an outside panel that would weigh up whether or not a region would be allowed to advance to the next Phase.  

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