No break at the gas pump; Prices rising everyday

No break at the gas pump; Prices rising everyday_-7053386244570397211

Did you fill up your carwith gas today? What is going on at the pumps? 

Gas prices nationwide have been on the rise for now 32 days in a row. And,one state official says the Utica- Rome area has some of the highest gas pricesin the state.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisihas contacted the state attorney general and is requesting his office to lookinto potential price gouging.

He has requested the stateto look into why gas prices in the Utica- Rome area are significantly higher comparedto other upstate locations.

“I just filled up andI was close to empty. It cost me $57,” said Utica resident, Salvatore Perritano.

Perritano says he’ssurprised by what he’s been paying at the pump. This time of year, Central New Yorkersnormally enjoy cheaper gas prices.

“I’ve gotten a numberof calls from constituents saying why are prices in the Utica- Rome regionhigher than the rest of the state,” said Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, (D)-119thDistrict.

AAA says rising crude oil,refinery closures and production cuts are to blame. But, Assemblyman Brinidsisays it doesn’t add up.

“When you look at otherregions in upstate New York, we are consistently 10 to 15 cents higher thanother upstate regions. We share a thruway with the other upstate cities andthey are paying less than we are,” said Brindisi.

Brindisi says it’s hard to say when he’ll hear back from the Attorney General, but he’s confident his office will look into the issue.

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