Nine Members to be Selected for Oneonta’s Community Advisory Board


In early June, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order that would require police departments to have community input on policies and procedures. If they did not, they could risk losing their local funding. Oneonta Mayor, Gary Herzig and Oneonta Police Chief, Douglas Brenner proposed a community advisory board that was approved by Oneonta’s Common Council.

“We’ve defined the membership of the board. It will include representatives from the Oneonta Chapter of the NAACP. It will include from our commission, our community relations and human rights. We want our college students represented. Both Hartwick and SUNY Oneonta and we want the faculty and staff from both colleges represented as well.” —Mayor Herzig

A council member will also be represented. The board will have nine members, they will be proposed by Mayor Herzig and approved by the common council members.

“Their charge is to work with the police chief in reviewing all of our policies, our procedures, our training and make recommendations for any possible changes. To make sure that all of our procedures have safe guards against bias sneaking in. To make sure all of our procedures are doing everything they can to eliminate the risk of excessive force.” —Mayor Herzig

Oneonta Police Department is one of the smallest departments in New York state to be accredited.

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