Nexstar Broadcasting Founder’s Day Utica Efforts


Friday is Founder’s Day for Nexstar Broadcasting — the company’s 20th birthday. To mark the occasion, many of us at Eyewitness News in Utica will be volunteering at Spring Farm Cares, an animal sanctuary in Clinton.

“We’re home to about 275 animals, ranging from cats and dogs and rabbits to horses and goats and ponies,” vice president and co-owner Dawn Hayman said. “Most of what we have is cats. We have 160 cats. All of the animals that are here are pretty much special-needs or elderly animals, so we specialize in hospice care and elder care for animals. That’s what makes us a sanctuary.”

The challenging job is well worth it when you see the animals’ appreciation for being cared for, and it’s why we chose Spring Farm Cares as one of the two beneficiaries from our Founder’s Day efforts.

“It’s the nurturing of them and the extra-special staff care, sitting with them and making sure that their habitat is perfect for them,” Hayman said. “And that can mean a whole bunch of sorts of things with special needs animals, to providing extra things to be able to walk better or play more, but it’s all about their quality of life. And all of our donations — every single penny of every donation goes to animal care. Every donor that donates, we can guarantee every penny goes to the animals.”

For more information on how to adopt an animal or volunteer your time at Spring Farm Cares, head over to .

Those of us at Eyewitness News that won’t be at Spring Farm Cares will be helping care for the peregrine falcons in downtown Utica instead.

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