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This is a Media Release from Governor Cuomo’s office:


Governor Encourages New York Employers to Take Advantage of Program and Urges Unemployed Youth to Get Involved
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that more than 120 businesses across the state have joined the New York Youth Works Program, creating 2,900 full and part-time job openings for young, at-risk New Yorkers.

Mylan Denerstein, Counsel to the Governor, and Alphonso David, Deputy Secretary for Civil Rights, today joined members of the Legislature and representatives from participating businesses to encourage additional youth andcompanies to take advantage of the program.

“I’ve repeatedly said that it’s all about jobs, jobs, jobs, and this program is off to a great start helping young adults across our state get the tools they need to find employment,” Governor Cuomo said. “By giving at-riskyouth a chance, participating companies are helping strengthen our inner city communities and developing our state’s workforce for the future. I encourage additional businesses to take advantage of this program, and urge young people who are struggling to findemployment to get involved.”

The Governor and Legislature designed the NY Youth Works program to provide permanent, unsubsidized employment for youth across New York State. The program allows thousands of young people to receive work readiness, occupationaltraining and digital literacy training to build a foundation for future success.

The program includes $25 million in tax credits for businesses that hire unemployed and at-risk youth, and $62 million to support job training programs. Currently, 122 businesses have committed to the program, offering2,950 full-and part-time job opportunities. In addition, 1,030 youth have been certified to participate in the program. Job training is scheduled to begin in early April.

Participating businesses will be offered up to a $3,000 wage subsidy in the form of tax credits to immediately put inner-city youth to work for six months. An additional tax credit of up to $1,000 is available to employerswho retain the participating youths for an additional six months.

Businesses interested in participating in the NY Youth Works program should visit

.Youth interested in participating in the program can visit their local One-Stop Career Center, a listing of which can be found at
,or call the New York State Department of Labor at (877) 226-5724. Eligible participants for “NY Youth Works” include unemployed, low-income youth aged 16 through 24 who are located in one of the following areas: Albany, Brookhaven, Buffalo, Hempstead, MountVernon, New Rochelle, New York City, Rochester, Schenectady, Syracuse, Utica, and Yonkers.

Businesses that have led the way in creating jobs through NY Youth Works include:

The Governor also announced that Time Warner Cable and Cablevision have both agreed to run Public Service Announcements to promote New York Youth Works. The announcements will begin airing next week and will encourage additionalyoung people and businesses to get involved.

Senator Joe Robach, Chairman of the State Senate Labor Committee, said, “This recent economic downturn has hit communities across this state very hard, especially our inner cities. The New York Youth Works Program has gottenoff to a great start in helping young New Yorkers in neighborhoods across the state get the training they need to start long, successful careers. I encourage additional businesses and unemployed young people to take advantage of this program, and thank GovernorCuomo for his efforts to create jobs and put New Yorkers back to work.”

Assemblyman Keith Wright, Chairman of the State Assembly Labor Committee, said, “Even before the recession, the majority of young people in Harlem had trouble finding a job. Now, the problem has only gotten worse, withover fifty percent of young adult African-American males unemployed. This is why I joined with Governor Cuomo to enact the NY Youth Works program, which will address the historic disparity in employment for at-risk youth with realistic strategies and ‘on-the-ground’action. By giving our children access to invaluable work experience at a young age, we are helping to ensure their lifelong success. I applaud Governor Cuomo for taking the lead on an issue which is so truly important to communities like Harlem and to the futureof our State.”

Assemblywoman Michele Titus said, “Creating jobs for our young people must be a top priority and the New York Youth Works Program has already shown great promise at helping tackle the issue of youth unemployment in ourinner city neighborhoods. Although many businesses and young people have already signed up with New York Youth Works, there is room for many, many more. I urge young people who have had difficulty finding a job to get involved, and I encourage businesses bigand small to take advantage of the hiring incentives so we can create jobs and rebuild our communities. I thank the Governor and my colleagues in the legislature for joining together to create jobs and opportunities for those who need them the most.”

Michael O’Sullivan, Managing Director of Government Relations for Hillside Family of Agencies, said, “For years, Hillside has worked across Upstate New York with great partners like Wegmans to prepare and train young peoplefor successful careers. These are good, career-building jobs at major businesses and organizations, and show that investing in people- particularly our youth- is good for business and great for our communities. I thank Governor Cuomo and the legislature forlaunching this exciting program, and I urge businesses across the state to get involved and take advantage of this great opportunity.”

Lee Schroeder, Cablevision’s senior vice president of government and public affairs, said, “Cablevision is pleased to support

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