New York State Legalizes Recreational Marijuana: Local Dispensary Prepares For New Law


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — Just yesterday New York state legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Dispensaries like this, that were originally intended for medical use are now making preparations for the new law.

“The new law give us the ability to open more medical dispensaries and also have three of our dispensaries across the state service adult consumers as well. So, we’ll be evaluating that, understanding the law a little better and trying to figure out the strategy.” – Jason Erkes, Chief Communications Officer, Cresco Labs

Cresco Labs has locations in several states, 4 are based in New York with one right here in New Hartford. Erkes says this legalization comes with a lot of benefits for the state.

“It’s going to generate a lot of tax revenue, it’s going to create jobs and it should help curve the illicit market a little bit and give people the ability to buy lab tested and compliant focused cannabis products and that’s a big thing.” – Jason Erkes, Chief Communications Officer, Cresco Labs

The legislation will automatically expunge marijuana related charges from a person’s record and protect employees from off duty cannabis use. It will still be awhile before recreational users can make a purchase.

“The first step is passing the law, the next step is like okay how do we do we activate this? How do we do it? How do we issue the licenses? What’s the scoring going to look like? What’s it going to cost? How are we going to divide up where we want our stored to be and how people distribute products to those stores so there’s still a lot the state has to do.” – Jason Erkes, Chief Communications Officer, Cresco Labs

Recreational sales could hit dispensaries as soon as 2022.

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