New York State eligible for broadband expansion program


The FCC has decided to reverse their decision that would prevent New York state from rural broadband funding.

“I applaud the FCC for listening to us and reversing their decision. I think it’s important that New York state, particularly our rural areas across upstate New York, have access to these grants.” – Representative Anthony Brindisi, (NY-22)

The FCC voted to reverse their initial proposal that would have excluded New York state from the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, Phase I Auction. The $20.4 billion dollar program is the leading source of all federal broadband funding. What can we expect to happen next?

“Hopefully what we’ll see local companies, local municipalities taking advantage of these grants that are being put out there. There’s tremendous need for high speed internet, particularly when you get outside of our villages and cities and hopefully these grants will go to the right places and be able to expand high speed internet into areas that don’t have internet options right now. ” – Representative Anthony Brindisi, (NY-22)

Congressman Brindisi is encouraging residents to fill out a broadband mapping survey online at And, if you don’t have internet then you call their office and have one mailed to you. The goal is to pinpoint which areas in the 22nd district are lacking the most coverage.

“We want to be able to show the FCC that these are the areas where the gaps in coverage are. So, when they’re making decisions about grants and where to send grants we can tell them this is an area that need more coverage because we don’t have it right now.” – Representative Anthony Brindisi, (NY-22)

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