ALBANY, NY (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – The New York State Department of Agriculture announced on Tuesday, March 28, the opportunity for two different grants for projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Climate Resilient Farming grant program helps farms reduce their impact on the environment by helping them implement projects and purchase equipment that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the impact on the soil. Funding for this grant is available in three tracks:

  • $5 million for livestock management and reducing methane emissions and increasing resiliency to weather,
  • $6 million to prepare for the impacts of a changing climate, and
  • $4 million to improve soil health and enchance resiliency to drought.

To date, the Climate Resilient Farming grant program – which is in its seventh round of funding — has awarded over $20 million to farms and helped to reduce almost 400,000 metric tons of carbon.

The second grant, the Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Abatement and Control Program, will award $13.5 million to projects that will focus on environmental planning and implementation of systems to protect New York State watersheds. This grant is in its 29th round of funding, and has awarded approximately $237 million to farms.

Projects for this grant include water conservation measures, such as vegetative buffers along streams and conservation cover crops.

For more information or to apply for either of these grants, log on to

The deadline for the Climate Resilient Farming Grant is Monday, August 7. The Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Abatement and Control Program deadline is Monday, June 26.