So many people have jobs where they sit for majority of the day, but according to a study that came out earlier this week, sitting for extended periods of time may lead to an increased risk of early death.

“We already know that Americans are working much more sedentary jobs. About three quarters of us in the workforce work in jobs where we’re sitting for most of the day, and we’re actually working an average of 47 hours a week,” said Kristy Smorol of the American Heart Association. “That’s a big chunk of time that we’re just sitting.”

And just because someone may spend a little extra time at the gym after sitting all day doesn’t necessarily mean it’s benefitting their health.

“Don’t try to do 150 minutes in one day, then you’re great for that day but then you’re not really getting the benefits for the rest of the week,” Smorol said.

But for those of us who have to sit for most of the day because of jobs, there are ways to remain active.

“We love to tell people to not sit for any more than 15 to 30 minutes at a time, and then get up and move around. Just moving around is the very best thing,” said physical therapist Richard Panetta.

Even if you’re stuck in a tight office, it’s easier to get active throughout the day than you might think.

“Parking far away from where you have to walk into your office, getting out on your breaks and at lunchtime to do some walking outside if you can,” Panetta suggested. “If you work in a building that’s large enough you can walk indoors as well. [And] always taking the stairs instead of elevators.”

Although the study didn’t say why a sedentary lifestyle is riskier, it ultimately said the best thing to do is remain active.