New restaurant coming to Utica in March 2020


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — Nostro will be a mid-century, modern designed restaurant with Italian cuisine and social dining. But, what sets it apart from other restaurants?

“We don’t have traditional courses like you would see. There’s no appetizers, no entrees, no desserts it’s really set up for everything to be enjoyed socially. So, when you come to eat here you’ll be ordering multiple plate that get delivered to the center of the table and are passed around and everybody shares and actually gets to evoke conversation.” – Francis Pezzolanella, Owner, Nostro

The restaurant will also feature a lounge that can serve 45 to 50 people with a 50-foot long bar.

“It could be the largest bar in Central New York. We’ll be doing live music every Friday night after the restaurant is done serving regular service. Every Sunday we’ll be having a big brunch buffet with live music every Sunday. And, then every night that there’s a show night we’ll be having a 30 dollar buffet.” – Francis Pezzolanella, Owner, Nostro

The building is shared with Mohawk Valley Cardiology and the rest is being leased out to commercial tenants. Francis says that Nostro will preserve some elements that existed when it was Oneida National Bank.

“Here we got to start with good bones and actually build on what was already in here… So this mural has been here for 60 to 70 years. It’s original to the building. We were able to restore it and keep the beauty of it going for people when they come in here they can actually enjoy looking at this and talk about the different areas that are on it.” – Francis Pezzolanella, Owner, Nostro

With construction almost complete, Francis says we can expect Nostro to open before the end of March.

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