New Jobs at Griffis; MidAirUSA signs additional lease

New Jobs at Griffis; MidAirUSA signs additional lease_-120791332378293758

New jobs could be coming to our area! The Oneida County Board of Legislators has voted unanimously in favor of a deal between Oneida County and an air craft maintenance company based at the Griffiss International Airport.

With this long term lease agreement, MidAirUSA will be able to permanently run 2 aircraft simultaneously, while hiring additional workers.

“I’m just happy to be able to bring jobs to Central New York,” says William Moore, MidAirUSA President.

“Good for the economy, good for the local community,” says Kevin Walters, MidAirUSA employee.

MidAirUSA already occupies the building’s West Bay. Now it will occupy the East Bay of the building, one of the massive hangars leftover from Griffiss’ Air Force Base days.

“It’ll allow me to work 2 aircraft insides, out of the weather, and on more of a scheduled basis,” says Moore.

Moore says the Central New York weather has been a big factor.

“What would you do with the extra personnel when it rained or when it snowed, especially in Upstate New York? Now I can put them on permanently,” says Moore.

And Oneida County Chairman of the Board says he’s always supported Moore in obtaining more space at Griffiss.

“Losing bus industries and all those other companies- jobs- that’s the most important thing, the jobs that this will create and continue to create through this community,” says Gerald Fiorini, Oneida County Chairman of the Board.

“Being able to run 2 aircraft simultaneously will allow me to take on more people full time,” says Moore.

MidAirUSA has had the space temporarily but now the company will has at least a 3 year lease. And Moore says the move will mean additional jobs to the already 300-strong workforce at MidAirUSA.

“Jobs is one of the things on the high priority list now as far as lack of. And if people are willing to work, they can come here and get a decent job here with a decent wage,” says Walters.

“I’m just happy to be able to bring jobs to Central New York, specifically in Oneida County, but anywhere in the U.S. Because 747’s can go anywhere. They can fly anywhere in the world, I’m just happy to be competitive enough to bring the business into the states,” says Moore.

Moore says he hopes to hire an additional 100 workers before the end of this year.

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